12. Nov 2020

Instructions for using the bitcoin atm

1. Before making any actions in bitcoin ATM, please read the instructions below.

2. Before using the bitcoin ATM the customer has to be identified by teller according to current legislation.

3. For using the bitcoin ATM you have to have with you QR-code (square mark) of your virtual wallet (in the mobile phone, I-pad or printed).

4. The ATM accepts banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 euro. Banknotes should be inserted into the ATM depositing hole by short side of the banknote towards the hole, one by one. If the banknote does not pass the ATM checking-point, it will be returned.

5. The banknotes should be inserted into the ATM frontside up (a silver hologram is on the front right side of euro banknote, on the backside there is an image of Europe).

6. The maximum value per transaction is 2500 euro. If you need to buy bitcoins for a larger amount, please ask teller for further instructions.

7. The ATM does not give a change or return banknotes.

8. The price of 1 bitcoin is shown on the screen of the ATM. The price is final and includes all the commissions.

9. Bitcoins’ designations

1 BTC – one bitcoin (accepted abbreviation)
1 cBTC = 0.01 BTC
1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC
1 µBTC = 0.000 001 BTC

10. If you have any additional questions please contact the teller.

Instruction with pictures

1. Frontpage. Please choose the language and crypto.

2. Please scan the QR-code (square mark) of your virtual wallet (from mobile phone, I-pad or printed) by holding QR-code close to scanning window. Scanner will read your code and ATM will continue with the next step.

3. Please insert euro banknotes to buy bitcoins. The banknotes should be inserted into the ATM frontside up, one by one.

4. On the screen you can see the total amount of the banknotes inserted into the ATM and the amount of bitcoins you will get for it. If you want to add more banknotes, please proceed with it. After inserting a banknote the amounts on the screen will be renewed. When you are finished with depositing the banknotes then click “Get the bitcoins”.

5. The bitcoins will be sent to your virtual wallet. Touch the screen at any place to finish the transaction.

6. That’s it! A few moments later bitcoins are in your virtual wallet and a couple of minutes after an automatic check of the transaction you can use your bitcoins.